A lot of people are surprised to hear that the locksmith business is seasonal. We have our busier months (summer/holidays) as people tend to be “busier” and don’t pay as much attention to ‘what they did with the keys’.

However, the other thing that can slow down business is: snow. That’s right, snow. As most locksmith’s don’t have four wheel drive vehicles. Not to mention that the cost if someone who out driving in the snow, and they don’t know how to do it, t-bone your locksmith vehicle.

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, not every one knows how to drive in the rain, not to mention snow. In our area, we have already had three major accidents at intersections, and this the first day of snow. We get more rain in our area, than snow. Today it is spiraling down, tomorrow it may be sunny and the next day we may have rain.

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