Due to several different factors, we are currently scheduling for jobs 2 weeks out now. We are doing our best to help our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please note: That even though we might not be able to schedule to come out and rekey your home as soon as you would like, we always have someone in the shop who can rekey your locks if you bring them into us. By bringing in your door hardware, you are saving a service call, and not having to wait as long to get your home rekeyed. (You can either have someone stay at the house while you bring in the locks or you can bring in the deadbolts, have them rekeyed, then bring in the doorknobs.)

Rekeying is done quicker when you provide us with a working key to the lock.

We don’t need the entire lock, just the side that the key goes into. So you don’t have to remove the latch from the door in order to bring the locks in.

We will do our best to take care of your job as soon as possible.

We do our best to rekey commercial locations when an employee has been released from your employ; we may not be able to guarantee a time when you call but we will get it done the same day as often as possible.

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