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The case of the errant “slim-jim”


Every once in a while we will have someone walk in and want to “borrow” our slim jim or a coat-hangar (which oddly enough, we just don’t seem to have any of those coat hangers  lying around.)

Now, I am not going to go into the fact that in Washington State it is illegal to own locksmith tools unless you are a locksmith. If you aren’t a locksmith and own these tools, then they are considered burglary tools. I know in some other states there are similar laws.  Oddly enough, it is not illegal to sell these tools in auto parts stores, just for a consumer to purchase them.

Much like the “don’t you have a [magic] master key that fits every lock in the world” belief; is the ‘slim jim will open any vehicle’ belief. Back in the good ole days, when a car was a car; (Those same cars are now either junk or vintage; depending on how you look at it.) pretty much ‘one size fit all’. In other words, slim jims worked on pretty much everything.

Fast forward to the new breed of vehicle! If you use the wrong tool, you will do damage to it. For example, use a slim jim on certain models and you will break the foot off the rod. Sure, you may be able to get into it that one time; but you will no longer be able to lock your door without taking it in to get it repaired. How much will that cost?

So before you try to borrow a tool; think about how much you want to spend to fix your vehicle. Call a locksmith, get the job done right. Remember that most insurance companies will reimburse the cost to have a locksmith come out if you have full coverage.

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