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Repairing instead of replacing your remote


Often times a remote will be break at the end. The place where the remote connects to the key ring. This most often happens due to the remote twisting on the key ring with not enough room to move. Causing the end to snap or break.


You can see where this customer broke her remote. She had used electrical tape and some copper wire to create a make-shift attachment. (Not shown in photo.)


One of the ways to prevent this from happening is to add a small split-ring to your remote and then attach that to your keychain. This gives the remote more room to move, and twisting the connection to the breaking point is less likely to occur.


This small .20 cent split ring could save you a lot of trouble. This is a 1/2″ split key ring. (Actual size not shown)

Of course, there are other reasons that this may happen. Such as the remote dropping and being stepped on, having in in in your hand when you trip, being chewed on by a dog, etc. While some of these are less likely reasons to happen than others, sometimes a less expensive fix is to simply replace the case. If from chip on the inside of the case is still intact and hasn’t been broken, it can be transferred to a new case.


Replacement Case & Button Pad

Another option, is to buy a cover for your remote. These cover cases fit your remote like a glove. They run right around $10. Replacement cases can run around $20. If your buttons are wearing out, where you can no longer see them, then you can simply replace the button pad.


This cover is for a Ford, they also make them for GM and various foreign vehicles. They also make some in various colors.

We have recently begun replacing remote cases for our customers. We are carrying most American replacement remote cases and shortly will have in foreign replacement remote cases.


Replacement remote – as good as new.

Of course, we can also order in a new remote for most vehicles, most of the time this and also includes programming at no extra charge. However, your owners manual may include programming instructions and you can do it yourself.

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