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OEM vs Aftermarket


OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are made by the manufacturer or parent company of a product, in our industry this generally refers to parts made for vehicles. Aftermarket refers to parts that have been made by a third party (someone who has no connection to the main company). [However, often people look for original key blanks for older padlocks, etc.]

Classic car owners know how difficult it can be to get an OEM part for their car. The older the part the harder it can be to find;  whether it is a fender replacement or an original key blank. The newer the vehicle the easier it is to find an OEM part. The market is also inundated with third party parts; which are often advertised as “costing less”. Just because a part is an after-market doesn’t mean that the OEM part isn’t necessarily competitive in price.

Now, I am not saying that all aftermarket products are bad. I am not saying you shouldn’t use them. What I am saying is the newer the car, the more competitive the OEM part will be. The older the car mixed with the harder to find part will make it more expensive.

We prefer to sell OEM parts when available. Whether it is an ignition cylinder or a key blank – when we can get them, we do. We sell Strattec products, who is one of the largest and oldest OEM companies out there.

Remember that contacting the dealer can often be more expensive than going through a locksmith. Often times locksmith’s sell oem products for less than the dealer will sell them to you. Check with your local locksmith first. Price compare – remember to ask questions to include labor costs as well.

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