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Locksmiths and the economy


It is a hard time for a lot of businesses out there, and in our area, it is unfortunate that three locksmith business have gone under. One shop closed and went mobile only, and one mobile locksmith has moved back into the area.

In an industry that is still, in my opinion, under-rated for the knowledge and education that is required to be in this business; we are feeling it a little bit more thanks to those ‘fly-by-night’ locksmiths that are acting counter productive to what we do. Instead of instilling a sense of security and authority to our field, they are helping consumers think that all locksmith’s over-charge.

When dealing with new customers who are using a locksmith for the first time, we are already battling  preconceived notions that locksmith’s overcharge for their services; hence consumers are prepared to ‘fight’ the ‘high’ prices of what a locksmith will charge. Why do you think so many people would rather ‘do it themselves’ with no experience. Not only do we fight these misconceptions, we also find ourselves in “competition” with box stores – who can sell some products for less than we can purchase them since they buy in huge quantities. Finally add in towing companies who “open vehicles” or replace vehicle locks and the competition has never been so fierce.

Being a small business is already a challenge. Staying alive and afloat can be more fiscally rewarding as a mobile service rather than having a physical location. Balance out the number of customers who complain about the cost of a key (when they can get it for less at Walmart – even though that company will come to us to get their keys cut) or any product; suddenly you are fighting a losing battle when the customers who like that they can come to you are few and far between. How do “we” make a living? Do we fall by the way side and become lost in the cracks, while closing our doors like so many small businesses have? Become a mobile only company and lay off employees? Is this a better opportunity than having customers come “shop” our products, use our time and knowledge, then go purchase the products elsewhere because its discounted?

There are so many challenges out there today. So far we have been able to avoid closing our doors, but with so many business tax costs on the rise, lack of customer support due to wanting to save a dollar, it may become a matter of time before we need to come up with a creative solution to paying out more than we are taking in. Perhaps the tide is going to change sooner rather than later; but living in an already economicallly depressed area makes me wonder.

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