I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I have seen people trying to break into their own vehicles, (At least I hope it is their vehicle!) rather than calling a locksmith to help them. The number one reason that people give for doing this? They don’t want it to affect their insurance rates.

However, lock outs are one of those things that won’t make your rates take a hit. Depending on your coverage, your insurance company will either pay or reimburse you for the use of a locksmith. Believe it or not, just like a good locksmith company, your insurance company is invested in your security. They would rather pay for you to get back into your vehicle rather than pay for something more expensive; such as a broken window or the loss of your vehicle. (Again, this is dependent on your insurance cover type.) It is also one good reason to invest in road side service.

I would encourage any person; especially if you have a family to invest in this type of coverage. You never know when you are going to need it. Also, a lot of locksmiths will open your vehicle for free if you have a baby/infant locked inside. (Not all locksmith’s offer this service.)

So what is the benefit of using a locksmith when you are locked out of your vehicle? Depending on the year, your locking rods could be connected to plastic footers – this is what is used to engage/disengage the lock. If you try to use the wrong type of tool, you could break off this piece and then your lock will no longer work. Once this happens, you will have to take it in to be repaired. The cost of using a locksmith to open your vehicle with the proper tools is a lot less than having to take it in to be repaired and have parts replaced. 

Some vehicles have panels the go down the length of the inside of your door to prevent the use of incorrect tools. While lockouts do happen less frequently on newer vehicles due to remote entry fobs or keypads on the vehicle, they do still happen. Again, it depends on the type of make, model and manufacturer of a vehicle on what type of tools that are used to open your doors.

Of course, we can talk about the on-board systems where you call in and they can unlock your vehicle for you. This, however, is dependent on where you park your vehicle. Since these systems use satellite to remotely access your car, if you are parked in an area (such as a concrete parking structure) that blocks the satellite then you won’t be able to use that method. 

Friendly help isn’t always so friendly; there have been times where a passing stranger or someone on a ferry will offer to help you open your vehicle – for FREE. The problem with this is that if they do some damage to your vehicle you have no real recourse – unless you want to try and take them to court. Locksmiths are covered by insurance and certifications. They have been trained to specifically do their job. Locksmiths are in a trade; they train and take courses to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape that is their industry. Not just lockouts for vehicles, home and businesses. The industry does so much more in the field of security you might be shocked to learn just how much more is covered.

The next time you are locked out; contact your local locksmith to get you back in or your insurance agent to recommend a locksmith for you and while they cover the cost. * 


*Insurances coverage varies depending on your policy. Check with your agent to see if you are covered. Roadside assistance programs, are often very cost effective and even though you may feel like you never will need it. The peace of mind you get knowing you will be taken care of is worth the small monthly fees. I would recommend that this is a gift that every woman who drives should be given.