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How to give out a key, yet secure your home


A lot of people have ‘services’ come to help them out in their home; house cleaners, dog sitters, etc., and often times in the hope of being more convenient, they give out a key to these service people. So how do you keep your home secure when you are giving out keys to people who aren’t suppose to be there all the time?

Here are a couple of options:

1.) The most cost effective method is to have a keyed doorknob and a deadbolt. Key the doorknob to a separate key that you give out to service people. When they aren’t scheduled to be there you lock your deadbolt. In order to lock a deadbolt, you must have a key. This way, if your service is scheduled on a Tuesday, you leave the deadbolt undone on that day. Only have one doorknob keyed this way, that way if you ever change services it is less expensive to have that one door re-keyed than to have a multitude of locks changed.

2.) Another option is to have a combination/push button deadbolt or knobset. These allow you to set up multiple user codes; with a key over-ride. So you never have to give out a key and if you change services, you simple change the code. Of course, if you have a keyed knobset and/or deadbolt you can again lock it when no one is suppose to be in your home whom you don’t want there.

As always, make sure you research your choices. Understand the quality of the product you are getting. There are companies out there, who have been around for years, who live on their ‘name brand’ but have unfortunately let the quality of their products drop. The best, well known brand name might not have the quality you are looking for.

When it comes to quality door hardware, your locksmith is usually the best place to go for advice. We deal with all different types of door hardware and can give you both the pros and the cons to a product, so you can make an informed decision. Remember, a good locksmith is one who is concerned with your home/office security.

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