F.A.Q. / What is a Lockout?

Although, this may seem like a redundant question.. a lockout is when you walk out of your house, business, and/or car and lock the doors… then realize you have forgotten the keys! Why call a locksmith? I left my window cracked, I’ll use a hanger! Sometimes it works… and sometimes it doesn’t. If you have invested in your automobile, you don’t want to damage your interior or if you have tinted windows the replacement cost is a lot less money when you call a locksmith.A locksmith can efficiently and effectively get you back into your home, business or automobile without breaking too much of a sweat. (Depending on the weather.) That is what they are TRAINED to do! PLUS, if you have road side assistance or a insurance policy with a tow package.. you are COVERED! Your insurance will reimburse you. (We use Allstate)

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