F.A.Q. / What is a key made to code?

Most keys have code numbers that identify them to the locksmith. The code can also be identified by the locksmith by the cuts on a key. If you lose your key and have written down your code number, then you can call a locksmith and have him/her make the key for you. This is less expensive than having the locksmith come out and open the lock for you, although there are times when that just can’t be helped. When you get a new lock, write down all the numbers on the new keys for future reference.

I’ve lost my key, now what?

Unless you have written down a code number, you need to call a Locksmith. If you force a door, whether it is a home, office or car, you can end up doing damage that will end up costing you more than if you had called a locksmith in. If you have full coverage insurance with road side service on your vehicle, then you are covered. Even if you call a locksmith and end up paying out of pocket, take or mail the invoice to your insurance company and they generally will write you a re-imbursement check (as long as you have road side service on your policy).If you own a newer vehicle, you can call the dealer where you bought the car and request the code number from them. Make sure you give them the name of the locksmith you will be using, as they will call the locksmith and give them the code number. This will save you the expense of having to have a locksmith make a trip to your vehicle or house and make a key.If you have lost the key to either of your house, office or vehicle you should think about getting them re-keyed. If stolen from you car or purse, your insurance company – in most cases – will pay for your car to be re-keyed. They find it cheaper than replacing your vehicle.

What about Padlocks?

Depending on the brand and how much you paid for your padlock will determine whether or not you want a new key made to it. Sometimes the cost of having a key cut to code is more expensive than replacing the lock. On the other hand, depending on the grade/quality of the lock, it might be a greater investment to have the key cut to code. Some brands of padlocks can even be re-keyed! Remember that if you didn’t write down that number that came with the key originally, you might be out of luck. Another thing to consider is, if you don’t have the code number, but still have the key – take it to a locksmith and have the key deciphered (depending on who you take it too, will depend on how much they will charge you or if they will charge you for this service) then put the number in a safe place.

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