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A high security lock is different from a regular lock in that it can be harder to pick, it is not ‘bumpable’ and duplicate keys are not readily accessible. There are several different companies out there that offer these types of locks. The first and formost, who also leads the industry is Medeco. Medeco offers a non-pickable, non-bumpable security solution for both your residential and commercial needs. Using a keyway that is unique in the way it is cut, the majority of Medeco keys come cut directly from the factory and are not available for purchase via your everyday methods. In other words, you can’t just walk into a store and expect a key to be made. In order to get a second key cut, you must have a signature card proving that you own the system.

Bi-lock is another type of lock that uses a patented keyway, requires key registration, making the key blanks harder to get a hold of. It uses a unique dual keyway and the locks are pick proof and non-bumpable. Bi-lock also offers cylinders that fit into most any type of lock from door ways to file cabinets.

Another option are Lori L10 Vertex cylinders. As with the above, the cylinders often times can fit into pre-existing hardware. This system is only assigned to each individual company. Like the previous company’s it uses a signature card system in order to issue more keys.

We also offer MX cylinders, as with the above company’s, this uses a registration system in order to get additional keys made. It is licensed to each individual company who has been licensed to sell the system. All these options make bumping highly unlikely if not impossible, as they keys are not readily available to the public.

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