F.A.Q. / Everyone knows that there is a master key to everything, right?

Wrong. Master keys systems have to be set up. There are keys known as ‘construction’ keys that builders can and often times do use. A construction key is a key that allows whoever has it to get in and out of a building, however a construction key becomes invalid when the owner of the building uses a different key that works it. Once this key is inserted and turned, it moves a small ball bearing from the place it is into a pocket of the key cylinder thus invalidating the construction key. Unfortunately, there are times when instead of giving the ‘over-ride’ key to the client, they just give them a constructionkey.

On commercial buildings they don’t use this system, instead they use a ‘core’ system. This is where the key cylinder (or core) is actually removed and replaced by a different lock permanently upon the completion of the building. Most commercial buildings use a master key system as well.

Often times manufactured homes have display models that are master keyed, so it is a good idea if you purchase the display model to have your home rekeyed.

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