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Emtek Products

We’ve been working with Emtek products since 1999. We were the first company to introduce this decorative product line to our customers on the North Olympic Peninsula. 

 Why do we like Emtek products? Emtek was first introduced as a decorative door hardware which was competing with the likes of Baldwin and other decorative door hardware companies. The quality of the product was equal to those manufacturers. The real difference was in the pricing as well as  the versatility of the hardware.

What many people don’t realize about Emtek products is you can do split finish options; with no pricing difference. Whether it’s having two different styles of hardware (they have to be from the same “collection” group; contemporary, American, Crystal & Porcelain, Arts & Crafts, Rustic Living, Tuscany or Art nouveau) or a split finish; the cost of the product is the higher of the two styles. Unlike other companies, Emtek doesn’t up charge for color or for function. (Passage, privacy, or patio).

 Very rarely do you find a company who doesn’t discontinue their finish colors. (However, some colors were changed early on and others were discontinued due to inconsistencies such as a Verde option they offered in their Arts & Crafts line; as well as a Dark Bronze (which kept appearing a bit burgundy) and a light bronze (the colors on the knob and rosette were different.)) The finishes are well under-control now and the benefit of this is if you want to shop piece-meal, when you come back to purchase another lock the colors will match up. Often times companies discontinue their finishes; with slight modification so the finishes often vary.

 In addition, Emtek very rarely discontinues one of the style lines. Again, this has happened occasionally. Such as in 2014 they discontinued their old town colored crystal door knobs, cabinet and wardrobe knobs. Again, the benefit is if you have a style that you want to use but are redoing your house locks one at a time, the chances are extremely high you will be able to order the same style. (We’ve had several customers who return years later to order the same door hardware they had before and we were able to get it for them with no problem.)

 Another way Emtek sets itself apart is the way they handle “handing” when it comes to product ordering. If you don’t know what handing is: it is the way a lock works on a door depending on the direction the door opens. Handing is handled differently depending on what industry you are in. With Emtek it doesn’t matter if your door swings in or out. The easiest way to figure out the handing on your door is to stand on the outside of the room looking in and look at the door to see what side the hinges on. This is what determines if it is a right-handed or left-handed door. Handing is important if you are using lever handles. Emtek levers only work by pressing down. (Some lever handles will pull up or push down.) 

 I’ve always loved selling Emtek products because of how beautiful and versatile they are. In addition; the company was purchased by Assa-Abloy several years ago. If you are unaware of whom Assa-Abloy is, they also own a company called Medeco.

The nice thing about this acquisition is it allowed Emtek to use even stronger deadbolts than they had previously. The bolt that is used in the Medeco products is now also used in the Emtek products. The other nice thing about this, is you can use Medeco cylinders in the Emtek deadbolts. So, if you are in an area which may require higher security options, you can add Medeco cylinders; which also happen to offer one of the maximum safety possibilities available on the market.

 Over the last few years, the most recent product they have introduced is their electronic locksets; available both in deadbolts and entry handle sets. Even more recent is their addition of the Liscio Electronic Lockset with blue-tooth capabilities. (All with key over rides.)

 I could probably go on with all the comparisons with this product line. However, the product can really sell itself with hands on interaction. Feel free to stop by our shop, if you are in the area, to learn more about this quality product. *

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*I must add my own little note here. If you are thinking about purchasing this product from another company, then I would discourage you from taking up our time to explain the benefits and option of this line to simply take all you learn to a competitor. Our shop is located in an economically depressed area and the time we are taking to spending sharing it with you is time we could be investing in someone who actually does want to do business with us. We sell this product at list. While we understand others offer discounts – we also know they don’t explain the versatility of the product line and often don’t offer the split finish options like we do. Also, we are one of the few places, that because we have been doing business with the company for so long, often do onsite repair work when needed. If you do not purchase the product from us, we charge for these services. ~Shauna Millar

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