Often times we have customers come in for a padlock for their shed or a trash can behind their office building. The great thing about the ABUS 83 series is the ability to rekey it to a customers SC or KW keyway (there are several other key ways available as well). Using both a 5 pin and 6 pin configuration.

The padlocks are quick to rekey, and allow for both key retaining (you can’t remove your key until you have locked the padlock back up) and non-retaining feature. Also, if you need to rekey your office or home, you can also rekey the padlock as opposed to having to replace it. A great cost-saving benefit.

There are also if you need a longer shackle length, this padlock allows a locksmith the ability to quickly change it out. (It comes standard with a 1″ shackle, but is also available in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″ for an small extra fee.) It comes in both a brass body and an aluminum in a variety of colors. There is also a weather proof version of the padlock or you can purchase a key cover for the bottom of the padlock.


ABus rekeyable padlock

ABus rekeyable padlock

We carry a variety of ABUS padlocks in stock as more people continue to want one key that fits everything.


For more information about this particular padlock, go to: http://www.abus.com/us/Commercial-Security/Padlocks/Brass/83-45

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