Shauna Millar

Shauna began the business with Greg in 1996. Having had no prior knowledge of the industry, beside knowing that locksmiths opened locked cars and made keys, the vast expanse of what a locksmith actually does, amazed her. She quickly was on the phone to a friend asking if she knew that you could have ONE key to fit your house. (Her friend had no idea either!)

Since then, she has learned how to do many of our inside jobs; from rekeying locks to cutting keys to code to programming transponder keys. Her main focus is  handling the administrative side of the business.

One of her passions is educating the consumer to what a locksmith is (and isn’t) as well as the many changes that occur in the industry that  affect our customers. We produce brochure and online articles to help educate individuals. After having several customers come into our store when transponders first hit the market, and having them storm out after hearing the price of the new “transponder” keys (only to come back after they found out how much more the dealerships charge) she began a preemptive educational brochure to help ‘soften the blow’ to the consumer to explain how transponders work, why the cost what they do, as a way to encourage people to make sure they always have a working key in their possession.

Beyond the continuing education, she also helps with the front counter and the scheduling, among other things. If you ever come into the shop and see the Northwest Farm Terrier, that is hers.